Nanotopian BioData-Sonification kits


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Collaborate sonically with the non-human organisms around you. Next time you go on a picnic bring along your Bio-sonification Module & listen to the sounds of the forest, how it responds to your presence then, place the electrodes on your friends or hook up your houseplant and see how it really feels!

The module detects micro-fluctuations in conductivity between 1000 - 100,000 of a second and translates this data into MIDI notes and controls. You can hack the module kit to send CV out!

All components to build your own Bio-Sonification module are included plus, electrodes and 1 pair of Bio-Medical pads.

This kit comes with step by step soldering instructions with tips/tricks/suggestions. Both options include a PDF guide on plugging into nature, recording tips, and working with MIDI. Bonus for visual artists- TouchDesigner hook-up guide included.

Not included:
3 AA batteries
MIDI to USB/Lightning cable

Kits ship once payment clears .

Please feel free to email us with any questions you have concerning the modules!

NOTE: Orders placed over holidays- please contact us in advance as we may be out of town celebrating and unable to send out orders until after the holiday season.

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The Open Source Biodata-Sonification Modules (aka MIDI Sprout) were originally designed and created by Engineer, Sam Cusumano. Visit Sam's biodata forum over at electricity for progress Plus, Sam sells a bunch of super cool electronic kits, boards and more!